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laparoscopic instruments for robotic surgical system


At Ximedica, I was part of the small laparoscopic instruments team on a large surgical robotics project. My main contribution

  • Improved prototype design through lens with a focus on ability to be cleaned and sterilized between surgeries.  Created functional test protocols, oversaw execution of testing at external vendor, analyzed results and redesigned parts and assemblies.

  • Redesigned all components for mass manufacturing processes including metal injection molding, plastic injection molding, and high precision machining.

  • Selected materials and worked with vendors to create custom plastics to meet requirements such as biocompatibility, high lubricity, and wear resistance.

  • Created the instrument assembly process including design and fabrication of fixturing.

Please note that I am including limited photos and information here to adhere to NDAs with Ximedica and our client.

For more information:

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