Providence, Rhode Island  |  January 2015 - April 2018

Ximedica is a medical device design consultancy that brings products from an idea to a market launch.  I joined Ximedica as an Associate Mechanical Engineer and was promoted within my first year to the role of Mechanical Engineer.

During my 3.5 years at Ximedica, I worked on a range of products including a surgical robot system, connected health devices, and implantables.  I drove projects and tasks on my own and collaborated with and managed teams of designers, researchers, engineers and external vendors.  Together with my product team I ran and participated in brainstorm sessions to design products starting from the seed of an idea.  I researched new and existing technologies and created the mechanical and housing design of each product in Solidworks.  I prototyped subsystems and products using 3D printing, machining (internally by me or externally by a vendor) and sometimes hacking together assemblies using foamcore, cardboard, and other materials.  On each project, I would constantly test the product or subassemblies to the functional requirements, building up to validation and verification testing to submit to the FDA.  I designed products for manufacturing, transitioning from rapid prototyping methods to CNC machining, plastic and metal injection molding, and assembly by manufacturing operators.

All of the work that I completed at Ximedica is under NDA with individual clients.  Please refer to Ximedica's website www.Ximedica.com for examples of the company's work and approach to engineering and design.