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In Rhode Island, I led the Engineering Outreach program at my company, Ximedica.  Our main partnership was with a local charter school, Sophia Academy.  I planned, organized and ran two main events per year, one at our office and one at the school. Here are some photos from two of my favorite activities: building chairs out of newspaper, and creating an alarmed secret treasure box.  It was so fun collaborating with the creative students and teaching them about support structures and basic circuitry through these activities.  There were dramatic differences in the creativity and independence of the students that we worked with depending on the teaching philosophy of their schools.  I learned how to tailor our activities and instruction to match the students' comfort level and make sure they got the most out of the day.

Secrete Treasure Box.jpg

My passion for engineering and inclusion in STEM fields has led me to speak at a variety of conferences and events.  Two of my favorites were the Society of Women Engineers Conference in 2017 and the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in 2019.

Society of Women Engineers National Conference 2017

Creating a Queer and Trans Inclusive Workplace

Austin, TX

Lesbians Who Tech Summit 2019

Sustainable Manufacturing: The Future of 3D Printing

San Francisco, CA

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