Fall 2014

Role: Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Lead

Team: 25 Students (Mechanical Engineering)

Skills: Leadership, Electrical Engineering

Tools: Eagle, Electronics Lab

As Electrical Engineering Lead, I managed a sub-team of 5 students within our 25 student team and coordinated with our project manager.  I oversaw design of the electronics within our smart punching bag, the development of the arduino program to give a user feedback on their punch force and punch count, and experimentation with wifi versus xbee for data transmission.  I designed our circuit layout in Eagle and aided my team in physical assembly of the electronics.

My team considered multiple options to measure force: flex force sensors build into the punching bag wall, force sensing microphones, and accelerometers.  Accelerometers were the best option for our application since they could be protected in an internal core.  We tested different accelerometer quantities and configurations to determine which would give the most accurate force readings and punch counts.  To measure accuracy of force readings, I designed a test where a teammate hit the punching bag with a force sensor on the front of a mallet.  We then compared readings for the different core assemblies to the force values on the mallet sensor.

I modeled the connectors from each accelerometer to the arduino and signal transmitting device in Illustrator for presentations and in Eagle for our electronics team.  Collaborating with the mechanical housing team, I designed the internal geometry of the bag core to securely mount the accelerometers with a cap where the XBee and arduino would nest to transmit readings from the accelerometers from the bag.