Why MIT?

Spring 2013

Skills: Logo Design, Social Media, User Research

Tools: Illustrator, Tumblr, Facebook

During the final week of the spring semester, I launched the "Why MIT" campaign.  My goal was to create a way for students to connect on a deeper and to encourage more meaningful discussions on campus.  Many students can feel isolated and alone on campus, especially with the stress of finals week.  By starting a conversation about why we are at MIT and what keeps us here, maybe we can keep some perspective as we struggle to hit our final deadlines of the semester.  I generated multiple conversation questions and tested them on classmates and other students to determine which question would create the desired discussions.  I designed cards and a poster for the campaign in Illustrator and opened a tumblr page where people could submit their cards.  In the week that the campaign ran, it received over 125 submissions.

The question used for the campaign had to be open so that students of all levels and backgrounds would feel that it applied to them.  Some questions that I considered where: "What are you doing here?", "Why are you here at MIT?", "What is keeping you at MIT?", "Where are you going?".  I canvased groups of students to determine which question to use for the campaign.  "What keeps you here at MIT?" seemed to have the best combination of eliciting meaningful and varied responses from students.